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Krreativ Strategic Consulting LLP provides strategic and creative solutions in Brand and Marketing to help clients create and build successful brands that can drive business growth. Our tagline: ‘Brand. Marketing. Business’ captures our proposition, viz we help create, build and manage Strong & Relevant Brands, and provide Smart Marketing strategy & solutions which lead to Business growth and/or other desired Business outcomes.

We strongly believe in the power of consumer insights, ideas, design thinking, strong brands and integrated execution of branding and marketing to drive sustainable business growth. Krreativ’s approach to simplicity and insights based sound strategic choices can help businesses navigate the ever-increasing complexity, noise, and clutter in the environment in which they operate, and emerge successfully.

At Krreativ, we emphasize on the Upstream, Strategic Brand, and Marketing aspects before we embark on advising and providing aligned Downstream Marketing solutions. We understand, through our experience, that an excellent downstream idea or strategy cannot make good a sub-optimal or wrong upstream decision. Our endeavor is to ensure that clients would not face a situation of the trade-off between solutions which are creative but with low integration to business or solutions which are strategic but not very creative.

Our offerings cover the entire gamut of activities across the Brand and Marketing value chain – from defining and creating a brand, defining the brand architecture, positioning, to go-to-market plan, to developing clutter breaking and memorable communication, to media strategy and planning, to category development strategies, to growth and scale strategies, to building brand equity, to channel development, to developing relevant customer experiences, to digital and social media, to management of the brand over its life stage and business cycle, marketing activities execution guidance, and so on.

We are networked with the best resources for each specialty service within the brand and marketing value chain and can get the appropriate partner agency based on client’s business and needs.

We yearn to partner with any business looking for strategies and services yielding long-term sustainable results – from entrepreneurs, to product start-ups, to SMEs/MSMEs, to Corporates across several industries and product or services domain.

Our mission is to be the most valued partner to our clients by offering creative, practical, feasible, cost effective and result oriented strategic solutions for both the short term and long term.

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